Beware Of Dogs.

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"Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the mutilation!"
Philippians 3:2 NKJV.

"Beware of dogs" warning sign made it into the Bible baby! Can you imagine? Well, no need, now you've seen it. But here it's not talking about the four-legged pet you have at home. It's people baby! What kind of people are these? The amplified bible gives us insight, "Look out for the dogs [the Judaizers, the legalists], look out for the troublemakers, look out for the false circumcision [those who claim circumcision is necessary for salvation]." (Philippians 3:2 AMP).

The dogs were the legalists. The Bible called them troublemakers, who also claim circumcision is necessary for salvation. They boast in the law and in the righteousness which is of the law yet by the law of Moses no flesh is justified in the sight of God. These dogs are still present with us today. They may not necessarily be of Jewish descent but in action they are more Judaists than they are Christians. These people are not purely denying Jesus and sticking to the law, they mix law and grace in the name of truth.

What they do not realize is that Christ becomes of no effect to anyone who seeks to be justified by the law. That's the definition of "falling from grace". Going back to the law is falling from grace. People think that falling from grace is falling into sin. No. Legalism is falling from grace. It doesn't look like so to the natural eye but according to Jesus, we must be careful not to fall into the trap of legalism.  It's snare is subtle and can take any good person unaware and that's why Paul warned.

These people he called dogs are enemies of the cross of Christ whose god is their belly (appetite), their glory is in their shame, setting their mind on earthly things. Their end is destruction and death.  When you play with the law you play with fire. The law kills. Paul called it the "ministry of death engraved on stones".

Be careful when people start taking you back to the law. Be careful when everytime you come from church you feel dirtier and more condemned than you were when you went there. "Dog churches" kill you slowly. Humbly pray for them that they may receive the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, but if they will not change, leave before you die a slow agonizing death.

I refuse to pay attention to dogs whose goal is to slaughter me spiritually and otherwise. I pay attention to the Spirit who gives life.

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