Hold Out The Word Of Life.

| Spiry Tee

"...you are seen as bright lights [beacons shining out clearly] in the world [of darkness], holding out and offering to everyone the word of life..."
(Philippians 2:15‭-‬16 AMP)

When people come to you seeking counsel, what do you tell them? Do you refer them to self-help books and resources?  Do you send the financially struggling to go and read "The Richest Man In Babylon"? What do you hold forth in your life?

The Bible says hold out and offer to all men the Word of Life. The Word of Life can restore marriages, heal broken hearts and bring back to life broken homes. The Word of Life has power to heal all kinds of ailments or health conditions.

When we speak the Word of Life, we address people's issues at the roots. Worldly wisdom treats symptoms but God's Word of Life deals with the root of the problem. In a society that is contaminated with sin and spiritually perverted, we must shine as stars holding forth the Word of Life.

When we proclaim or testify to the Word of Life, others will join us in our fellowship with God and with His Son Jesus. "The Word of life existed from the beginning. We have heard it. We have seen it. We observed and touched it. This life was revealed to us. We have seen it, and we testify about it."

"We are reporting to you about this eternal life that was in the presence of the Father and was revealed to us. This is the life we have seen and heard. We are reporting about it to you also so that you, too, can have a relationship with us. Our relationship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ." (1 John 1:1‭-‬3 God's Word). The gospel of Life in Christ Jesus saves.

I believe the Word of Life. The Life was manifested to me in Christ so that I might be a partaker of that Life. Now I am mandated to tell everyone about this Life so that others may join the solemn assembly of life givers in Christ.

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