Paralambano The Kingdom

| Spiry Tee

"Since we are receiving a Kingdom that is unshakable, let us be thankful and please God by worshiping him with holy fear and awe." (Hebrews 12:28 NLT)

I always wondered about the opening scripture because of its wording. I thought now that we are Christ's, it means we have received the Kingdom as it has always been the Father's good pleasure to give us the kingdom. Upon reading Hebrews 12:28, I noticed the tense is no longer past but present continuous. We are "receiving a kingdom that is unshakable". What does this mean to us?

A deeper study extracts the Greek word used for "receiving" as paralambano. And according to Strong's Greek Concordance, paralambano means to receive near, that is, associate with oneself (in any familiar or intimate act or relation). That is why it is put in present continuous tense because it denotes an intimate relationship with the kingdom. We live in constant contact with the unseen realm of life where Jesus is King. We are in constant communion and communication with the unseen Kingdom of God.

And this realm of life is unshakable. It's foundations are sure and steadfast. You can bet your life on them. The foundations of the world are out of course. But sons of God do not belong to the world. Their lives are built on nothing but the Rock of Ages, Jesus Christ.

In communion with the kingdom of God, we experience life as God designed. If we live our lives from the realm of God everyday we will not lack any good thing. We will see that there is no lack, disease or death in the kingdom of God. We will be distinguished from mere men of the world whose lives are built on unstable foundations.

God has said to His sons that they can walk or function as gods, not subject to tragedy, infirmity and death. But if they continue in ignorance walking in darkness without wisdom and understanding, they will die like mere mortals and fall like one the worldly princes.

I belong to the kingdom and I am in constant contact with it, accessing provision, health, life and youthfulness. I refuse to lack anything God has provided for me in His Kingdom right now.

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