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"Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings."  Isaiah 3:10 KJV.

God has a message to the righteous and it's straightforward: it shall be well with you. Isaiah writes this text and prophetically places the righteous in a time of unprecedented distress, fear, poverty, lack and hopelessness. It shall be well nevertheless.

Yes, it shall be well. Not for everyone but for the righteous. Who is the righteous person? A righteous person is the one for whom Christ died and has accepted the sacrifice of Jesus. A righteous man is the one who has Jesus over him as Lord and Savior. It is the man or woman who has received abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness freely given to us in Christ Jesus.

The doctrine of righteousness in the New Testament does not start with doing but with believing. Righteousness of the new covenant is based on right believing not right living because only right believing gives birth to right living.

Jesus has given you righteousness and He wants you to know that no matter what you are facing right now, not only shall it be well with you,  but it is already well with you, because He is in charge of your life. What have you lost? It shall be and is well with you.

When Jesus is Lord of your life, He perfects that which concerns you. He makes everything beautiful in it's time. If you choose to rest on His shoulders of grace, and trust Him, He will bring it all to pass. God is concerned about your situation right now and wants you to know that He will not rest until the matter is settled.

Your grief will turn to dancing, your health shall spring forth speedily and by His grace you will possess your possessions. Do not fear and neither be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. In every season of life, He is still God. He stands in the congregation of the mighty and judges among the gods. As long as He is in charge of your life, never forget that it shall be and is well with the righteous.

I imagine you hemmed in like the children of Israel were, with the menacing Red sea before them and the most powerful Egyptian army behind them. But God stilled the multitude of Abraham's seed and assured them that it was well with them, they just need to keep moving. Just keep going forward.

God is dealing with the matter. And when He is done you will realize that there is no need in the first place to be perturbed when God is in charge. Do not fear the disease, encroaching death, because with the righteous it always ends well. That's the design of the life you received in Christ that nomatter the circumstances all things will turn out for your good. There is no disadvantage for the child of God who has been made the righteousness of God in Christ.

It is and shall be well with me in the Name of Jesus.

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