What Is The Whole Counsel Of God.

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"For I have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God."
Acts 20:27 NKJV

Whole counsel of God Paul spoke about is a meticulously curated message of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. It's not a little bit of everything you can see in the Bible. It is the complete plan, purpose and will of God in Christ Jesus. If we believe in Jesus we must come to terms that there are things that do not hold anymore for instance that Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes (Romans 10:4). The whole counsel of God in Christ says that the Old Testament and all its trappings are altogether obsolete. Mixing law and grace, or balancing God's message of life in Christ with human reasoning is not preaching the whole counsel of God. The truth doesn't need any balancing with human reasoning. God's Word stands alone and aloft above all. We should embrace and believe it even though it does not make sense because God has chosen that through the foolishness of preaching He will save those who believe (1 Corinthians 1:18).

The message of Christ is the gospel Paul preached. It is the gospel of the grace of God demonstrated in Christ Jesus when He died and rose again all for us. We should not be hoodwinked by charlatans who always make you think that Christ is not enough.  Jesus is enough. He is all you need. He is all we should preach. I heard someone say, "You can have Jesus and still be poor, you need something more to add to make a success of your life." Well I disagree. Christ is everything.  We should not confuse religion or church attendance with being in Christ. If any man is in Christ old things are passed away. Poverty goes when Jesus shows up. He said that, "I am the gate. Those who enter the sheep pen through me will be saved. They will go in and out of the sheep pen and find food. (John 10:9 GW). While I agree that profit is not a sign of godliness, I am certain that you cannot hang around Jesus (not church pews) and remain poor for long.

Jesus heals, delivers, prospers and makes great.  The only secret is that we should not try use Jesus as an instrument to get what we think we need or want. He is person and everyone, you and me included, do not want to be used as a means for someone's benefit who don't care for us after they get what they want. I believe Jesus is no different.  He wants and will help but He wants relationship more that being Santa Claus (tossing gifts around). So the message of Christ and Him crucified is the real message and anything that does not pass this litmus test does not qualify as the whole counsel, plan and purpose of God for mankind. Through Christ and the cross we see the love of God, the righteous dying for the sinner so that the sinner would not die for his sins.

The whole counsel of God is what the angel summarised to the disciples; "Go, take your stand in the temple courts and declare to the people the whole doctrine concerning this Life (the eternal life which Christ revealed)." (Acts 5:20AMPC). Hallelujah! There is a life that is now available to mankind through Christ. Even the angels desire to look into these things. What Adam lost has been restored and more. There is a new creation on the block. While declaring the counsel (purpose, plan, will) of God, Paul said, "[It is that purpose and grace] which He now has made known and has fully disclosed and made real [to us] through the appearing of our Savior Christ Jesus, Who annulled death and made it of no effect and brought life and immortality (immunity from eternal death) to light through the Gospel." (2 Timothy 1:10 AMPC). Gods plan and purpose in sending Jesus was to deal decisively with death and Jesus did, successfully; and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.


I am called to preach the whole counsel, plan, will, and purpose of God in Christ Jesus.

*All scripture quotations are taken from the New King James version of the Bible unless otherwise indicated.

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