|Pastor Tee


But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.(Rom 8:11)


We know that our Lord Jesus was crucified, was declared dead in the flesh, and was buried. On the third day, our Savior was raised up by the glory of the Father and saw no corruption. The action of resurrection was done by the Spirit of God. That is the same Spirit living in you right now.

That same Spirit will “quicken” your liable-to-death body. The word “quicken” is translated from the Greek word “zoopoieo” which means to vitalize, make alive, or give life. Do you have the Spirit of God in you? His abiding presence in you will bring your body back to life. Your body will start experiencing the glory of God that stops aging, diseases, poverty, lack, stress.

You will experience health, soundness and wholeness. When Jesus was raised, the word used for ‘raised up’ means to rouse (literally from sleep, from sitting or lying, from disease, from death; or figuratively from obscurity, inactivity, ruins, nonexistence); awaken, lift (up), raise (again, up), rear up, (a-) rise (again, up), stand, take up (Strong’s).

The Spirit will raise you up from death, from disease, from obscurity, joblessness, and ruin. He has lifting power to take you from grass to grace, from rags to riches from the wheelchair to your two feet, from depending on others financially to financial independence. Cheer up you are no longer subject to death and decay. Christ lives in you by His Spirit.


The Spirit of God in me has vitalized my mortal body and now I am no longer subject to death. I am blessed, lifted from poverty and obscurity.

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